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These pages describe Ted's project to build Start Clocks for the Scottish Orienteering Association.

The clocks are built round a PIC microprocessor board with a Real Time Clock, a LCD display, Keypad and RS232 output to carry the clock display data to large LED displays. There are two displays: one for the start line which shows race time and one for the pre start. In Orienteering it is usual to call up runners 3 minutes before their start time. The start signal counts down the last few seconds with a beep, beep, BEEP to send the runners on their way. The clocks are designed to "Turn on and go", however they can be adjusted and synchronised to other timers if required by using the keypad.

The clocks may be borrowed by SOA clubs or hired by other orienteering or running clubs for events or training. Please contact me if you wish to use one.

The following pages give details of the software and hardware development and some sources of information and materials. The project would not have been possible without help and advice from many others contacted through suppliers and forums. Thanks.

If you use the clocks and have suggestions for development then please contact me.

A new version of the clock is available to purchase and has its own web site "Keep it Simple Timing". Details are here: "Keep it Simple Timing"

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