Keep it Simple Timing

KitST Clocks are designed to give a simple to use, accurate and visible clock to time Orinteering and other forms of Races.
For Orienteering the clock can be configured via the Serial interface to be a Start, Pre Start or Finish display.

  • In Start mode the clock gives an audible countdown and start signal each minute
  • In Pre Start mode the time display is offset by the Pre Start interval and gives an audible signal each minute.
  • In Finish mode the clock shows real time only, finish times can be transmitted via the serial port if required.

The built in Real Time Clock is set and synchronised using the configuration software and a serial connection cable. The clock maintains time when the clock display is turned off.

The clock display is powered by a 9.6v re-chargeable battery which gives 6+ hours of use and can be re charged with a standard NiMH battery charger.

The software interface communicates via the serial port and allows setting of:

  • Time
  • Sound On or Off
  • Summer/Daylight Saving Time On or Off
  • Pre Start Offset in minutes

The Clock can also run in ‘Stop watch’ or Race mode to give an elapsed time. If required split times can be transmitted via the serial port to a PC. The Stop Watch mode is controlled by an external hand held push button.

The clock is enclosed in a robust plastic case which is weather resistant but like most electronic systems is not immersion proof.

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